Saturday, February 13, 2010

Listening Party: 7/15/1998

Wednesday, 07/15/1998 Portland Meadows, Portland, OR
Soundcheck: The Way I Feel Jam

Set 1: Wolfman's Brother, Water in the Sky, The Moma Dance, Guyute, Horn -> Jam > Chalk Dust Torture, Brian and Robert, Beauty of My Dreams, Cars Trucks Buses, Roggae, Birds of a Feather, Loving Cup

Set 2: Limb By Limb -> Simple > Tweezer -> California Love Jam -> Tweezer -> Free, Meat, Harry Hood

Encore: Wilson, Tweezer Reprise

Notes: Some humor surrounded the Guyute ending; fans of stage banter will want to seek this segment out. This show was officially released as Live Phish 17.

Download Link

Source: Set I - Schoeps CMC64, Set II - Neumann KMi84

My highlights: Horn -> Jam > Chalk Dust Torture, Tweezer -> California Love Jam -> Free


  1. I am listening to this show right now. I downloaded the whole tour today. Every part of this show was great. I am on Horn right now and so far my favorites were Water In The Sky, Guyute>Horn.

  2. Yeah, I really do love this show.

    Just a note on my highlights...I tend to be pretty stingy with my picks. The idea being that, by the end of the run, I have a list of those songs/jams that I would go back and listen to and possibly even create a "Best of" mix with.

  3. I put the show back on and now I am hearing Beauty of My Dreams, Cars Trucks Busses. I am enjoying it.

  4. Great selection to kick your blog off with, I’m a huge fan of summer 1998, my first full tour. Being freshly graduated out of high school, I gladly took a good chunk of my graduation party money and headed west. I chose to listen to the official release.

    - Gorgeous ambient space out of Horn with some really soulful intricate playing from Trey. I love these types of “sunset” jams that seem to evolve in 1st sets of outdoor shows.

    - The patient playing out of the Horn really pays off as they blow into Chalkdust, extremely tight high- energy version.

    - Brian & Robert can’t help but remind me of Bittersweet Motel.

    - Having been in a huge Bluegrass kick at the time I’m remember being floored with the Beauty of my Dreams

    - Fishman owns Birds of the Feather.

    - Limb by Limb makes an interesting Set 2 opener. Love Trey’s tone around the 6min mark and as it carries over into the next five minutes as Fishman drives the band into the peak and then brings them home.

    - I like the little two minute ambient transition into Simple, liquid Trey.

    - The Tweezer jam is the meat of the show. Mike takes control right away with Fishman adding solid backing with Page and Trey creating layers as it naturally flows into California Love and just as naturally flows out with Trey and Fishman leading the Jam. Band is completely locked in two minutes out of California Love. All four equally playing lead towards the transition into Free.

    - Page and Mike breakdown the Free, with Trey mostly just layering chords in the background. Most interesting Free I’ve heard in awhile.

  5. Great notes OKP...couldn't agree more about that Free. The lackluster renditions of 2009 almost made me forget what a monster this song used to be, and this version is a perfect example. Here's hoping that it returns to it's former glory in 2010!

  6. Throughout the day I have been playing this show and I have loved it (no wonder it is LivePhish 17). Overall my highlights are Guyute,Horn,Chalkdust then Loving Cup. Set 2 was sick-Limb By Limb, Simple, Tweezer, Harry Hood were my favs. This show has a bunch of nice jams.

  7. I really liked all of limb thru free, not to mention the whole horn/jam from set 1

  8. tweezer was a nice listen - i enjoyed the tempo run right up to free. just listend to it on my walk into the city. highlight of my day.